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Ease Monetization

Having a large experience with Publishers, we provide top-notch technology and the ability to profit the most from your traffic that help you ease monetization.​


Powered by AI algorithm technology , we only deliver the accurate ads to right users. Driven by machine learning ad system with high quality publisher. We identify each of your potential users and target them with our rich innovation ads types and creatives


Our develop APP has tens of thousands of daily active users and traffic comes from all over the world. target high-quality user for your campaign.


With many years of experience team of specialists and successful cases of many brand apps.​ We will provide total AD solutions to help you attract clients worldwide.


We work with many MMP platforms to build powerful data reporting analytics. that provide attributes collects, and organize app data to deliver a uniform assessment of campaign performance metrics.

AD Formats​

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Banner Ads

Mobile banner advertising is the most common format due to its simplicity and possibility to yield higher CPMs thoughtful placement. Mobile ad banners are displayed in static ad units often placed at the top or bottom of the screen of the device.
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Interstitial Ads

Interstitials are adopted straight from the web that fits perfectly on mobile. Its ability to grab a user’s undivided attention; especially fullscreen on mobile is incredibly appealing to advertisers. You don’t have to worry about mistaken click-throughs, as it only appears in between pages while an app is in use.
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Offer Wall

Offerwall ads benefit mobile publishers by giving them a convenient way to advertise digital products or mobile apps in a single place. Use our offer wall rewarded ad unit to monetize your app, game, or website. The Offer Wall Provides A Highly Rewarding Experience For Your Users. Data-Driven Algorithms.
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Rewarded Ads

Rewarded video ads offer users a value exchange- a free in-app reward for watching a video advertisement. For example, in a mobile game, a player can watch a skippable video to gain some in-app currency. The popularity of in-app purchases has been strongly linked to Rewarded Video Ads being one of the most preferred ways of mobile advertising.​
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Native Ad

Native ads come in various forms and sizes. It combines advertising message with user-centric content. Meaning instead of giving publishers the ad, they will be given the components of the ad. It is up to them to display the element in ways that fit well with its app


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